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Unique Wall Creation is dedicated to the innovation of unique materials on canvas, on a wall scale.
In parallel with her activity, Fabienne Fabre undertakes new achievements, in the form of pieces of art, in a more conventional format.

Prestigious and sophisticated, this new dimension is a creative equation, between abstract painting, exceptional material and craftsmanship, allowing her to express his sensitivity and make you discover her universe in a more intimate way.
Made on other formats such as table (1.80m x 2m, 2mx 2.2m ...), it's a new artistic opening. The harmony of the materials, the semi-precious stones, the depth and the intensity of the work, are thus conveyed through a great subtlety on every detail.

The aesthetic qualities of the material, their unsuspected natural beauty, as well as their complementarities with the light, are subtly highlighted, thanks to different layers of texture, in a harmonious assembly on a small scale, in order to confer a singularity.
"It’s more than design, it touch your soul"
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