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The Art Designer
Inspired French creator, Fabienne Fabre realizes Monumental Murals Artistic Creations on painted canvas

Innovation: In the intimacy of her studio, she develops a process that allows her to work with unusual formats, with surprising reliefs, and to ship them all over the world.

"There is no limit with creation !"

She becomes a Pioneer, thanks to this new Concept.

Very sensitive to the elegance and refinement of the decor, she mixes a spirit of well-being and harmony with her creations while sharing her taste for unique atmospheres, elaborated around the natural beauty of materials.
"It’s more than design,
Several passions animate her: telling a story and transmitting her emotions. She is inspired by the imprints and colors that nature has carved over time as well as by what men have created.

Through cultures, arts and traditions, Fabienne Fabre’s creations, inspired by weaving, calligraphy and other meticulous patterns, transcribe an opening on different epochs and regions of the world, giving them a true universality.
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it touches your soul"
Her career began in 1985 by studying art history and then by entering the School of Fine Arts. She then worked in Parisian cultural and artistic circles, such as the Paris Opera, where she was imbued with influences and inspiration, for her monumental canvases.

Playing on the transparency of the colors, this artist elaborates prestigious worlds in subtle, sober and luxurious atmospheres. True fourth space dimension, likely to modify it according to our glance, the variations of the light are an integral part of each of her creations as their emotional charge varies according to the perception of each.

Following her success in 2011, she launched her international career and began working with the well-known designer Louis Vuitton.

With her team, she specialized in the exclusive creation of wall coverings and wallpapers. A work of goldsmith, often orchestrated on monumental surfaces. Complex achievements, made thanks to the mastery of various ancestral and innovative techniques.
Since then, she has been exporting her brand and her works can be seen around the world. Her talent is well recognized and she has signed several contracts with prestigious designers and architects. Her unique concept and various collaborations have given her the opportunity to exhibit her poetic universe in more than 40 countries.
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The Concept
Artwork? Wall of creation? Monumental pieces on canvas? The wall coverings made by Fabienne Fabre have no names. They do not fall into any category because they are simply unique. Far more intuitive than academic, it is more than just design, it is touching your soul…

Unique Wall Creation is the alliance of the realization of prestigious artistic realizations on monumental canvases, and the export of a Made in France refinement around the world. Inspired by the most ancestral know-how, combined with the most innovative techniques, this result is the work of an experienced team.
The colored pigments interfere with force or softness in patinas, frescoes and trompe l'oeil. The lime, the gilding, the concrete and the tadelakt, which Fabienne works with art, revive in you the spirit of voyages and modernity in the respect of your style and desires. In order to create artistic emotions and unique atmospheres, her taste for the natural beauty of materials is shared on monumental canvases or pieces of art.
"Light is the fourth dimension of space, light can change the space
Light is Responsable for the mood, light has the quality to transmit emotion"
Playing on the fusion of materials, the rhythm of colors, and the transparency of light, the artist and her team create prestigious worlds in subtle, sober and luxurious atmospheres.

Whether luxury brands or private clients, Unique Wall Creation's products are suitable for all types of projects. Every piece is personalized, handmade in France and made in our workshop.
We also create for you, your Unique Creation, for your Unique Project.

Each realization is unique, whether on canvas or on site, so that your spaces may express an aesthetic and plastic harmony. From catering to creating ambiance, Fabienne Fabre uses her magic to bring out the soul of your home.
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The Process
You can select the type of canvas as well as the dimension of the piece for your project.

Standard sizes are, in one piece,  up to 11,4m x 3,2m with 10cm margin on each side of the wall. Larger sizes are available on request.
Fire certificate provided : Equivalent of France’s M1.
1. Plans submited by customer 

2. Colors, textures and materials joinly 

3. Samples submitted to customers for validation

4. Production in our workshop

5. Packaging and transportation  
6. On site installation
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